Factors to consider in buying and wearing clothes.

Clothes to wear

Do you want clothes in bright or dark colours? Do you prefer them plane, printed or with designs? Are you more comfortable with clothes that are soft to the touch and sight? Also, what about the cost? Besides, do you dress according to the weather?

Your answer to these questions revealed that aside comfort and price several equally significant factors are considered in buying and wearing clothes. Some are design, texture, and season let us discuss each of the factors.

Factors to consider in buying and wearing clothes

Colour of clothes

Colour makes life beautiful and meaningful. Without colour how do you think life will be? Colour is important especially in clothing.

They even reveal your personality and mood. Different colours have different meanings; for instance whiles black signifies mourning, red means love. When you are happy or celebrate an a special occasion, you normally wear clothes with bright colours whiles when mourning the death of a loved one, you wear black clothes.

Some clothes look better on you because of their colours. Light is the source of all colours and when it strike objects, colour is either absorbed or reflected. The rose is red because it reflects only red light rays and absorbs other colours. Black, white and gray are neutral colours.


Lines tell about dimensions of length and width. They can create shape and forms when they combine and enclose spaces. If used in clothes, lines create visual impressions. When you wear dresses with lines, you can look taller, shorter, heavier or thinner. Moreover, they sometimes even create optical effects by making your hips look smaller or larger, shoulders broader or narrower and waist thicker or thinner.

Age of user

Older people turn to feel cold and therefore need warmer clothing. On the contrary, children should also use warmer clothing during cold climate. Dresses should be loose enough to allow free movement of the body, flow of air, not too long or tight to hinder body movement. Pregnant women should wear low heel sandals to prevent waist pain and accidents.


During hot weather, wear light coloured and loose fitting clothing that makes you comfortable whiles in harmattan, wear jackets or thick clothes to warm the body.

Durability and cost

The length of time clothing will last before wearing out needs to be considered when selecting one. Its durability sometimes determines cost. Use expensive materials or cloth occasionally; it is therefore advisable that children clothing should not be very expensive because they grow rapidly.


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