12 Ways WhatsApp could be ending your relationship

How WhatsApp is causing you your marriage

Long before the invention of WhatsApp, lovers stay in touch by writing long letters to each other. That’s how they proclaim their everlasting love for each other. If you missed your lover while he was away, you would re-read those carefully preserved letters. Besides, you eagerly wait for the postman to deliver the next letter a few weeks later.

However, in this post internet era, social media platforms such as WhatsApp have created confusion, fights and chaos between lovers, instead of bringing them together. You can tell a lot about a person from their WhatsApp profile pictures and status update. WhatsApp has been the start and ruin of many relationships.

Ways WhatsApp can end your relationship

1. Blue ticks

Blue Tick means you have read a message. It crush your hopes by letting you know that your partner read the message but never bothered to reply. In case you read a message but forget to reply, your partner misunderstands you. This makes the angry irrespective of what you were doing at that moment. They feel you are purposely ignoring them. This can start a fight ruining your relationship.

2. Online but no text or reply

Social media platforms such as WhatsApp keeps you in constant touch with your partner. If he’s not messaging every 15 minutes or so, it starts feeling like your are not important. Eventually, both of you starts drifting apart because you feel you are not communicating enough. What’s even worse? It’s when one sends the other a message and even though he/she is online, fails to read. The question is; you were online so why didn’t you check my message? That’s the volcano about to erupt.

3. Status beef

Even though WhatsApp status is a good feature, it has more troubles. Suppose your partner has a birthday and you fail to update it on your status, you are already in a ‘deep sh*t.’ Should you post anything that relates to the opposite s3x, instead of the birthday you’re in a mess. That’s exactly when the argument begins. Your partner wants you to display only them on your status and nothing else!.

4. The “Last seen” doubt

Many arguments in relationships are brought up by the “last seen” feature of WhatsApp. Many of us appease our insecurity by placing so much importance on “last seen.” Your partner makes analysis like: “if we text until 11.00 p.m., and his last seen is 2.00 a.m…., then who was my partner chatting with in the extra hours? This will eventually bring up issues leading to break up.

5. Hide “Last Seen”

The solution brought forward by WhatsApp to counter ‘Last Seen” rather brought more problems than solution. When you decide to hide your last seen on WhatsApp, indirectly your partner will start having some thoughts. Your partner may start thinking you’re hiding something. Questions like: What are you hiding that you don’t want me to see? You don’t want me to know when you last were online? A lot of people end relationships over this because they believe their partners are cheating.

6. Chatting an ex

Why WhatsApp can be ending your relationship

Why the hell will you be communicating with your ex? What is going on? How long have been in contact? What have you been talking about? Whatever the reason may be, this is going to create serious problem for you.

7. DP space confrontations

You invite trouble if you upload a profile picture either with or without your best friend of the opposite s3x? Your partner will get jealous and start a “third world war”. You have no right to use the picture of any other person of the opposite s3x there unless your partner. Besides, failure to use your partner’s picture as your DP can also lead to fights.

8. Deleted chats

Many of us who are on WhatsApp delete chats for many reasons, especially when they are from the opposite s3x. The messages may not be having anything bad, but understanding our partners and how jealous they are, we resolve that the safest thing is to delete the chats. However, your lover may have wanted you to store the memories.

They may see certain chats and keep them in memory. When they get the chance later, they go through your phone. Without seeing those particular chats on the day they kept in memory, it’s trouble time. No amount of explanation will change their mind from believing you’re not cheating.

9. Poor communication

Ways by which WhatsApp could be killing your relationship

WhatsApp is addictive. After using it for some time, you become addicted. You’ll spend less time talking on phone or when you meet but will rather resort to WhatsApp. Since it’s a messaging app and you don’t want to type a lot, you limit your thoughts to simple sentences which do not allow you to state completely what’s on your mind. This can affect you two when you meet since it’ll limit your communication.

10. Typing…..Typing….Typing

Your sweetheart is sending reply to a message, then she types…types and types. After some minutes, she still types but suddenly vanishes, and you never receive the message. Regardless of whatever happened, it makes the other partner feel disrespected and ignored. This can cause breakups.

11. The stop sign ‘K’

When your partner is pissed off, they always reply with “K”. However, “K” means different to various people, not necessarily that they are not interested in talking. But “K” is mostly considered as a “full stop”.

12. Easy to misinterpret a message

You will agree with me that, communicating with your partner using text mostly on WhatsApp brings misinterpretations. What you type and send is different from how your partner understands it. Some assume their partners are angry while they are not and they’ll always say, “the tone of your message indicates that you’re angry”. A very innocent message is all it takes for the other to misinterpret, feel offended and walk away. The worse one is when they decide to have an argument on WhatsApp.

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