Tips on how to talk to your partner to test for STIs

How to talk about test for STIs in a relationship

We all know the the important rules of a safe s3x. Use protection, test for STIs and make sure your partner’s been tested too. In fact using protecting and testing yourself is very easy. But how do you start the topic with your partner? It’s very difficult to ask your partner to test for STIs.

Whether it is someone you met at a club or your long term, you know popping the question “When was the last time you were tested for STIs?” makes you nervous. Nothing changes a quickly like a discussion of s3xually transmitted infections. It’s amazing how many of us ignore the topic to test for STIs but rather cross our fingers hoping to be clean.

Testing for STIs

Allowing fate to decide for us isn’t always a good one. In fact, it sucks. We live in a world where people who are s3xually active will contract an STI in their mid-twenties. Because of this, it makes sense for us to care about practicing safe s3x. So why is it so hard for us to find a way to just talk about testing for STIs? Surely the physical stuff we’re down to do with that person is way more intimate, awkward or vulnerable than a purely clinical chat about s3xual health—right?

Talking to your partner to test for STIs is easier said than done.  Due to that, we have research and gather ideas together to make it easier for you to be able to talk to your partner to test for STIs. Here, we guide you on how to easily talk with your partner to test for STIs.

How to talk to your partner to test for STIs

Talking to a long-term partner about s3x shouldn’t be too difficult. Chances are, you have already talked about it before. If you haven’t then you need to do so after reading this article.

First and foremost, these conversations need to happen early on before you have s3x. However, if it happens afterward, it should be very soon afterward. You should talk about it within the first three dates. This sends a message to the other person that you’re responsible with your body. And that you respect your body.

Additionally, know the facts. It can make it easier to talk if you think of STIs as a medical problem with serious health consequences. Learn everything that’s there to know about STIs. Knowing the facts gives you confidence and helps you to answer your partner’s questions later on.

Furthermore, figure out why. Whether you are just embarrassed or shy? Some people worry their partners will assume talking about STIs means they have an STI. Others believe their partner will leave them. The things that can make it hard to talk also offer insight into your relationship. E.g. If you’re shy, put your thoughts in writing and send it to them.

Are you still nervous to talk to your partner to test for STIs? Well, let’s continue

Moreover, Pick a good time to talk. Find a quiet space where you can chat without any disturbance. Don’t wait until you’re about to have s3x. This conversation is easier to have with your clothes on.

Also, after you introduce the topic, pause to hear what your partner says. If there’s no response, be direct and ask what he/she thinks. This allows you to figure out if you guys are in agreement about things and if you’re not, you can talk about it more. Listen to your partner’s point of view. Being a good listener shows respect and sets the tone for the conversation. Listening also gives you clues to what your partner thinks

However, whether your relationship is new or old, there are variety of ways to chip in a chat about STIs. You can simply ask about their testing regimen whiles you share your own. To add to you can say something like “I’m going to test for STIs next week. Do you want to join me, or were you tested more recently?” Moreover, you can also get tested together. Because testing together make each other feel more comfortable.

Besides, let your partner understands how much you enjoy s3x with them. They should also do the same. Both of you will enjoy much more knowing each others status.

Take away

Remember that, you you have done probably worse things than talking to your partner to test for STIs. Things such as licking, sucking and even k*ssing the hole through which they pee. You have sweat against one another’s naked bodies. If you have enjoyed these activities, there’s no awkwardness to ask them to test for STIs.

Having the STI conversation can be awkward at first, but it’s a lot less uncomfortable than discovering you have an STI after you have sex or finding out that you gave one to your partner.

What’s more?  Once you normalize testing as a prerequisite to s3x, you’ll likely find that talking about it comes more naturally,”

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