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The umbilical cord of a baby falls off within 7-21 days leaving a small wound that may take a few days to heal but can delay due to infections and inadequate care of the umbilical cord stamp.

These five (5) easy steps can help prevent umbilical stamp complications.

Keep the umbilical cord clean and dry

Baby diapers are made with a cut out portion for umbilical stumps, one can purchase this and put the umbilical stump through the cut out portion. If you happen to be unable to find this in your locality, buy the regular diapers and fold it away from the umbilical stump. Also, the area of the umbilical stump should be kept dry and free from moisture. All forms of moisture should be dubbed off carefully to leave a clean dry surface.

Give your baby sponge baths instead of tub baths

Sponge baths protect the newborn from excessive moisture getting to the cord.

Dress Baby in light loose clothing

In warm weather, the baby should be dressed in just his/her diaper and a loose T-shirt. This lets air circulate around the around the umbilical and increase the drying process

Avoid dressing your baby in tight clothing

Do not dress your baby in tight shirts as the tighten the umbilical. this will cause sweating and hence adding moisture to the umbilical cord.

Don’t pull at the cord even if it is hanging by a thread

Let the stump fall off on its own. Resist the temptation to pull off the stump yourself.

If these steps don’t work and you see signs such as

  • Redness of the skin around the umbilical cord stump
  • Baby cries when you touch anywhere close to the cord site
  • There is a yellowish discharge from the stump and has a foul smell
  • Bleeding from the cord site

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