Type 1 diabetes: 6 warning signs you should know

Type 1 diabetes killer symptoms

Type 1 diabetes symptoms usually occurs without warning. It is often diagnosed when you are young. It develops suddenly. You might start to experience symptoms such as unexplained weight loss, constant thirst and frequent urination. All these are signs that, your insulin-producing cells are no longer functioning. Type 1 diabetes occurs as a result of your own body’s mechanism. This causes the pancreas to stop producing insulin.

Your body needs insulin to convert food to energy and to take it to your organs. Without insulin to bring sugar to your cells, they starve. Due to this, sugar also starts accumulating in the blood which can also start your symptoms.

There’s no way to prevent or cure type 1 diabetes. The best thing you can do is to observe closely for symptoms. Because, it can become life-threatening quickly. The sooner you notice something is wrong, the sooner you can be treated. Talk to your doctor if you experience the signs of type 1 diabetes below.

Signs of type 1 diabetes

Urinating frequently

Insulin is responsible for reducing blood sugar. Without insulin sugar accumulates in your bloodstream. Your kidneys which would normally reabsorb sugar, quickly become overwhelmed. Due to this, your blood glucose rises past a level that can be reabsorbed by the kidneys. Eventually, the glucose enters your urine. This also makes you to lose more water. It is easier to detect in kids than in adults, especially in babies and infants. You might notice more urine in the diaper whiles changing diapers. Also, you change you child’s diapers more frequently. Moreover, the diapers seem heavier. Furthermore, your child who no longer wets bed at 3 years old is now wetting the bed at night. That can be an early clue.

Drinking a lot of water

Excessive thirst is a common sign of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Your body loses fluid through frequent urination. Naturally you need to drink more to replace what is lost. The amount of water in your body will decrease and you will become thirsty. You urinates more and if you are not taking in enough fluids, you can become dehydrated. Dehydration causes more severe symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, nausea and fainting. Dehydration can also raise blood sugar levels, your problem.

Unexplained weight loss

Food is the source of fuel for your body. Insulin is responsible for conversion food into sugar for your body to use. With no sugar to sustain your cells, they starve. Your starving cells start looking for other sources for energy. Your body breaks down fat and muscle to use for energy. This causes rapid weight loss, even if you are eating normally.

Eating frequently

This occurs as a result of breakdown of your body cells. Due to this, you also lose electrolytes. The food you eat is not utilized by your body cells. This makes your cells empty and feel hungry even though you just finished eating.

Easy fatigue

Getting tired easily is a type 1 diabetes symptom that’s easy to overlook. You may think it’s because you could not sleep or stress. The fatigue may develop from being dehydration and weight loss. It can also be due to the lack of energy in the body’s cells. This will make you feel weak and sometimes sick. However, fatigue may not always be related to type 1 diabetes.

Blurred vision

High levels of glucose in your bloodstream can cause fluid in your eyes to start leaking into the lens. This can make the lens swell and change shape, which can lead to blurry vision. Fortunately, this is reversible once your blood sugar is under control. It can take up to six weeks to go away, but then your eyesight becomes normal. This is different from the eye damage that can occur if blood sugar levels are consistently high over long periods of time, which can lead to blindness.

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