Tiger nuts: 7 Amazing and priceless health benefits

Amazing benefits of tiger nuts

Tiger nuts are mostly considered as common snack foods. But it has many health benefits. Many men believe tiger nuts help them last longer in bed, boost sperm count and solve other fertility issues. They also protect you from cardiovascular diseases as well as improves digestion due to their fibre content.

Tiger nuts health benefits

What are tiger nuts?

Despite their name, tiger nuts are not really nuts. They are marble-sized tubers that grow under the soil’s surface. Tiger nuts have is in use for many centuries and remain extremely popular throughout Africa, the Middle East, India, and Southern Europe.

Known in the Hausa language as “aya”, Western Africa as “atadwe” and in western Europe as “yellow nutsedge”. Tiger nuts are commonly used to produce milk beverages. Sometimes, they are dried and roasted with honey. Less commonly, they are consumed raw. When ground as a flour, the functions of tiger nut include making dairy-free yogurt, ice cream, and even bread.

Benefits of tiger nuts

They are packed with a lot of health benefits that may seem too wonderful to be true. Here are the wonderful health benefits of tiger nuts.

1. Serves as a healthy substitute for lactose intolerance

Tiger nut milk is a healthy option for those who cannot drink cow’s milk due to lactose intolerance. Tiger nut milk is free from lactose. Because of this, anyone can drink this milk. Moreover, it is rich in calcium. This supports bone building and growth in young children. Besides, this milk contains highest nutrition and fat content among all the other non-milk substitutes.

2. Regulates blood pressure

Tiger nut contains rich amount of potassium. However, potassium is very useful when it comes to lowering the blood pressure. Besides potassium, it also contains magnesium which helps regulate heartbeat and maintain normal blood pressure levels.

3. Rich in fibre

The chemical composition of tiger nut outlines the large amount of fiber that it contains. This is clearly beneficial to keep the digestive system in perfect shape. Ingesting fibre is the best ally to end constipation problems. Fibre also helps loose weight and are widely contain in foods such as prunes, chia seeds or whole grains. However, the fibre levels in the tiger nuts are superior to this food.

4. Cures erectile dysfunction

This is one of the major health benefits of tiger nuts. They are indirectly beneficial in improving the problem of erectile dysfunction (ED). Although there is no medical evidence to support this claim, natives of Ghana have been using this traditional medicine for decades in the form of palliative for treating ED.

5. Aids in digestion

Tiger nuts have many nutritional and health benefits. This makes them an amazing food for anyone. Traditionally, tiger nuts were good at treating stomach upsets, irritable bowels, and other digestive issues.In folk medicine, it is as a remedy for many ailments such as flatulence and diarrheoa.

6. Controls diabetes

The great fiber content of tiger nuts lowers blood glucose levels. Due to this, it is excellent for preventing and combating diabetes.  Maintaining low levels of blood sugar is clearly a goal to pursue. Even though you also have to remedy obesity, physical inactivity, alcohol intake, smoking. Because, they are primarily responsible for triggering diabetes. Tiger nuts can play an important role in a healthy lifestyle. This is because of their high nutritional value and benefits.

7. Rich Non-Meat Protein Source

Protein plays an important role in building bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood. Therefore, it is one of the major nutrients of the body. They are one of the richest sources of non-meat protein that supplies plentiful of energy essential for carrying out heavy work all through the day.

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