8 Good Sexual And Intimacy Practices

Post s3x important things to do

We know what to do before s3x. And we know what to do during s3x. But what about after s3x? The moments after s3x and intimacy are just as important.

While foreplay and the process of s3x is important and intimate, what you do immediately after also has an impact on your relationship. It talks about your s3xual and personal hygiene as well as your partner. Let’s take a look at the most important things to do after intimacy and s3x!

Important things to do after intimacy and s3x

Good healthy intimacy and s3xual habits

Clean up!

S3x can be a messy business. It might be tempting to cuddle up immediately after s3x, but first it’s important for you and your partner to clean up. Gently wipe down the outside of your vag with water. Avoid using fragrant soaps and strong vaginal washes.

Instead, use warm water and a mild fragrance-free soap to gently cleanse your vulva. When you use soaps with fragrance, you risk irritating your private organs. Once you are done cleaning up, gently pat your lady bits dry, then back to bed.


Peeing after s3x and intimacy is important. It helps to get rid of bacteria in the urinary tract and prevent UTIs. This also prevents bacteria from reaching the bladder, which could lead to a bladder infection. The general rule of thumb is to try to urinate within 15 minutes of having s3x.

Check for signs of bleeding or pain

You know your body best, but that doesn’t mean you can take it for granted. Observe for after sex trauma such as pain or bleeding to your vag. Don’t ignore abnormal bleeding or discharge after sex. Because it could be a sign of an infection. Sometimes, it can also be friction due to the condom. If you notice any of these, seek medical check up immediately.

Shower together

After sweating, a way to come down and feel refreshed before hitting the hay or doing something else with your day is to bath. It’s good to wash off all of the fluids and sweat. You could even do this together to prolong the int*macy. If you’ve got another one in you, you can also start things up again in the shower.

Check the condom

You are wise to use a condom, but more wiser to also check it afterwards. Because doing both is important for your reproductive health. When you are in the moment, it can be difficult to check if the condom broke. However, once you are through, you must have a look at it. If it broke, chances of contracting a sexually transmitted infections(STIs) increase. Besides, it goes with a high possibility of pregnancy. Sometimes the condom can even get stuck inside the vag. This can lead to bacterial infections. So make sure you check well. After checking, gather the wrappers and the condom and dispose off properly.


Do keep in mind that after s3x cuddles are the ideal way to connect with someone. It keep them feeling close to you; so always make the time and effort to do that. The feeling of skin to skin in the aftermath of making love is the best way to bond with someone. Whether you want to eat or just go to sleep.


This moment experiences will be freshest in your mind. You can give very valuable point. Tell your that you want and expect their honesty. You want it so that you can keep improving the s3x you have together. With that in mind, get ready to absorb the unvarnished truth without getting defensive. Even if your partner tells you something that stings a little, focus on the prospect of a happier partner and an improved s3x life.

Compliment your partner

One way of improving the s3x you and your partner have is boosting their confidence. Women especially feel self-conscious about their bodies and their attractiveness. Tell your partner how beautiful they are, how they turns you on and how you’re crazy about that thing they do.

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