6 Life Changing Reasons To Stop Drinking Alcohol

stop drinking alcohol

There are times when nothing is better than a hard drink after a long day. A couple glasses of wine might feel good in the moment, but not so good when you’re recovering from a hangover the next day. As we get older, bouncing back from a few alcoholic drinks might take longer than it used to. And really, is drinking worth all the trouble it causes? You will get a lot of benefits when you stop drinking alcohol.

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As with everything in life, things change. Our bodies can’t digest things as efficiently as they used to as we age, our physical capabilities alter, and we have different needs nutritionally than when we were younger. These new phases may be hard to accept at first as they often can mean making a big lifestyle change. However, when it comes to considering to stop drinking alcohol from your life the changes can be very positive.

The benefits of deciding to stop drinking alcohol

1. Your finances will improve

Think about the last time you paid a bar tab. How much was it?. Now have a look at your calendar from last month and see how many nights you went out and had a few drinks. Do some quick maths and you’ll notice a big, big cost. When you stop drinking alcohol, it helps you to save some cash.

2. Your relationships will improve

Never worry about sending another “drunk text” to an ex. You also won’t often make the excuse, “I’m sorry, I was drinking”. Mostly, you do or say something regretful to a friend or loved one while under the influence. It’s never a good excuse, and it’s one that you can easily remedy. You might even realize the value in relationships with other people that live a life outside of drinking at bars. Your drinking buddies might not understand at first, but the friends that really matter will be sympathetic of the way your life changes and stick around.

3. You will learn a lot about yourself, and what your needs are

With the clarity of having to fully face your issues or anxieties without masking them, you will most likely come to some big realizations about yourself. Maybe when you drink you became a boisterous social butterfly, but when you cut it out you enjoy being home more often and having your alone time. The beauty of understanding these things is that none of these realizations are wrong, they just create room for a different way to live your life.

4. Your health will improve

You’ll be more hydrated than ever when alcohol isn’t canceling out ounce-for-ounce the water that you drink. You will also have healthier sleep at night and wake up more easily in the morning with vigor! Without all those empty calories you’ll probably drop a few pounds as well, and that’s always a nice surprise.

5. You can get home safely at night

After an evening of dancing when you stop drinking alcohol, you can always get behind the wheel and drive yourself (and your friends) safely home. You can even save the money you would have spent on an Uber ride since you can safely drive yourself!

6. You will find new and exciting ways to spend your time

If you aren’t going to bar on a Saturday night, you open your possibilities up to do so much more! You could go bowling, drive to a secluded lookout to watch the stars, take a dance class, go to a networking event, go thrift store shopping, see a late night screening of an old movie, or even gather your friends or family for an impromptu bike ride around town.

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