Sneezing: Best Practical Tips To Avoid Spreading Infection

sneeze proper

Sneezing in public is an etiquette and a public health issue. At events or gatherings, excuse yourself and head to the restroom, or at least turn away from other people and food service areas before sneezing or coughing. Not everyone knows that there is a proper way to sneeze, but there is!

Sneezing in public tips

Few things you can do in public to prevent the spread of germs after sneezing.

If you are in public, and you feel a sneeze coming on start by taking a few steps back as soon as possible.

Cover your nose and mouth with a thick tissue

This is the best way to contain your germs. Viruses are passed by droplets in the air. Releasing them through sneezing and coughing is the main way diseases like common cold are spread. Practicing respiratory etiquette can help reduce the chances of getting anyone else sick. Also, make sure to dispose of your used tissues right away to help prevent them from spreading your germs.

Sneeze into your elbow

If you don’t have a tissue, the best way is to bend your elbow and hold it close to your face while sneezing. In most cases, this works best if you are wearing long sleeves. The aim is to contain the sneeze with your clothing so it doesn’t spread into the air.

Sneezing etiquette
Sneeze into your elbow to avoid spreading infections

Avoid sneezing into your hands

Even though your hands might contain the sneeze, think about how many things you will have to touch with them! You will only be spreading germs around as you touch things. While sneezing into your hands is not desirable, it is preferably not good sneezing at all. If you have nothing else to sneeze into and sneezed into your hands, wash your hands immediately. You can also use hand sanitizer for this purpose as well.

Wash your hands immediately after a sneeze

Whenever you sneeze, it is very important to get rid of any residual germs by washing your hands with soap and immediately. It is mostly important if you sneezed into your hands or into a tissue. Wash hands under clean running water. Apply and lather soap all over your hands then scrub for 20 seconds. Rinse with clean water and then dry your hands with a clean towel or allow them air dry.

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