10 Excellent Tips To Sleep Comfortably

How can you sleep comfortably? Luckily most habit changes are simple (such as going to bed on time and staying away from your phone) but can go a long way toward achieving the kind of quality sleep you need.

Sleeping comfortably, which means without pain and with peace of mind, can really affect the quality of sleep you get. A lot of bedtime comfort-ability has to do with your mattress. But there are a few other important things involved in a good night’s rest.

How do you sleep comfortably ?
Simple habit changes can make you sleep comfortably.

Sleep, is one of the essential aspects of human health. Poor sleep leads to so many psychological and physical breakdowns in the body of the individual. It is therefore prudent to sleep comfortably.

Try adjusting the environment around your bed as well as your evening activities. You should notice a significant improvement. If your sleep is disrupted by heavy snoring, chronic insomnia, or severe back pain, these methods can still help to a degree, but consulting a doctor may be necessary.

Ways to sleep comfortably

Improve your sleep pattern by doing the following;

Keep the room cool but comfortable

As we all know, it is much easier to fall asleep in a cool environment than a toasty, well-heated room. Try to achieve a temperature in your bedroom between 60º and 67ºF (15.6–19.4ºC). Personal preference has an effect here too, but the ideal sleeping temperature for most people falls into this range. Try it and you may be surprised.

Unplug well before bedtime

A few minutes before you go to sleep, stay away from any external stimulation. These includes books, smartphones, newspapers, television or any potential source of noise or light. Also, you should stay away from doing any strenuous activities such as late-night workouts or deep-cleaning the house. Because they’ll keep you wired.

Sleep on clean sheets

Clean bed sheets ensures comfortable sleep

Sleeping on clean bed sheets is a sleep booster. Dirty bed spreads make it difficult to sleep comfortably. Because they can irritate your nose and make it uncomfortable to sleep and breath. To keep your bed spreads clean, wash them regularly with detergents. The bed upon which you lay should be meant for sleeping and sex, no other purposes. Bringing foods, snacks to the bed invites ants and other bugs that bite at night.

A good bath makes you sleep comfortably

A good clean and relaxing bath makes it easier for sleeping. Warm baths with soaps help relax the body and mind. This makes it easier to go into sleep once you get to bed.

Turn off the lights

Keep your room quiet and dark. If you have an alarm clock with a bright light or any other electronics that have light sources (such as smartphone and iPad screens!), make sure the brightness isn’t facing you. Put a piece of cloth over them or turn them around. Artificial light can disturb natural sleep and inhibit the production of the hormone melatonin. This can mess with your sleep cycle. Keep your blinds or curtains closed. If there’s too much bright light in the morning, invest in some blackout curtains.

Pick a position that makes you sleep comfortably

This is especially important if you suffer from back or neck pain. But anyone can benefit from arranging themselves and their pillows in a comfortable position. Try one of these:

Sleep on your side, with your knees pulled up slightly toward your chest. Place a pillow between your knees to keep your pelvis and spine straight.

Sleep on your back only if your mattress provides comfortable support. Try a second pillow beneath your knees and/or under the hollow of your back for additional support.

Schedule your body

Working your body as a clock makes sleeping. Sleeping at the same time every day conditions the mind and the body to nod off when sleeping time is due. This also makes it easier for you wake up as you go to bed and wake at the same time.

Apparels helps sleep comfortably

Attires worn to bed also have an effect on your sleeping. Tight clothing makes sleeping difficult. Wear loose clothing for your body to be free. Go to bed naked other days as this helps too.

Sleeping with sound

This involves knowing yourself. Those only able to go to bed with sound should acquire snooze songs. This will make it easier for them. It should however be listened to at a subdued volume. Not being able to go to bed with sound and light is not a bad thing. Put lights out completely or dim them as well as all sound systems off. Put your phones off or on silence so there is no disturbance during your bed time.

Talk to a doctor about sleep apnea

This common condition, characterized by snoring, cuts off air to your lungs while you sleep, causing restless sleep or frequent waking. You are more likely to be affected if you are overweight or have breathing problems. Your doctor may recommend a “sleep lab” where your sleep is monitored to find out more.

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