Masterbation side effects and how to quit the act easily

Masterbation effects

Masterbation refers to the act of producing s3xual excitement by using friction on your genitals mostly to reach an org*sm. It is a very common behaviour among men and women. Although few talk about it many practice it.

It is also said that, masterbation is a normal healthy, s3xual behavior. It helps people fall asleep easily, reduce stress and tension. Besides, it is also a great act for proper functioning of the immune system.

Besides that, too much masterbation leads to hormonal changes in the body. The effects of hormonal changes depend on the frequency and duration one indulges in the act. However, excessive masterbation can also harm your relationship and your personal life.

How to Stop Masterbating

The good news is that you don’t have to live with masterbation. You can stop it and the health problems that come with it. Contrary to popular belief, most men can overcome masterbation and those problems that can lead to it or make it worse with a little will power and discipline.

The main reason that men masterbate is that they have excessive amounts of unreleased energy. The best way to stop masterbating is to find something else to do with your time. Sports, exercise, a hobby, volunteer work, a second job, and romance are great ways to divert yourself form masterbating.

Even something as simple as going out and taking a walk can expend energy and get your mind off masterbation. Many experts recommend that men can overcome masterbation by engaging in a sport especially one that takes discipline and physical activity such as golf or the martial arts.

Involvement in creative endeavors such as writing, painting, music, the performing arts or computer programming works too – this is called sublimation. Monks have relied on it as a means of avoiding s3xual thoughts. Hobbies including gardening, restoring old cars, carpentry, etc., can also divert the mind from s3xual activity and expend energy.

Religious practices such as prayer and meditation can help as well. These often help because they discipline the mind and increase an individual’s level of self control.

Most experts recommend that men remove stimulation from their lives. That means throw out the ponographi, wipe it from the hard drive, or get a new computer. Set the parental controls on your computer to black out adult content and cancel subscriptions to adult magazines and television channels.

They also recommend that men avoid loneliness. Get involved with people and try to avoid being home alone.

Is masterbation harmful?

Most health experts across the globe are on the view that, it is a healthy activity, but when it becomes addiction it can cause harm either psychologically or biologically whiles some people also think masterbation is bad because of moral reasons, however, that is a personal choice.

Therefore, some side effects of masterbation are as follows:

Addiction to the act

People who masterbate too much are addicted to pleasuring themselves which often have a negative impact on their relationships. Besides, it can also interrupt their day to day personal activities. The underlying point is that too much of anything can be bad.

Feeling of guilt and shame

A negative psychological impact of masterbation over a person could be the feeling of shame or guilt. Being preoccupied with it, people might tend to lose interest in the regular routines of life. Furthermore, when they discover that they have become addicts to it, they might lose their self esteem.

Difficulty reaching an org*sm with your partner

Masterbating can become the only source of individual impact where people respond to their own touch but give a less response to the touch of other people. This would eventually make it a bit tougher to reach climax. Additionally, when you masterbate before going on a date and having s3x, it might be difficult to be arouse or even reach org*sm.

Problem in s3x organs

Frequent masterbation can lead to soft or weak erection and the inability to participate in s3x with their partners. Due to overuse, the muscles in the pelvic region and the s3x organs grow weaker unable to support an active s3xual act. Sometimes, those who masterbate reported that they could not enjoy s3x with their partners as contrast to enjoying with themselves.

Premature ej*culation

Excessive masterbation is linked with premature ej*culation. Men who masterbate always find it very hard to control the release of sp*rm.

Other side effects of masterbation includes:

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