Tips to remove foreign objects from the ear and nose

Foreign objects nose and ear

Foreign Objects lodging in the ear and nose are very common. In most cases, complications set in with cases of improper modes of removal of those foreign objects. Hence the need to use the following methods.

Removing Foreign Objects from the Ear

Firstly, If possible remove the object

In circumstances when the object is sticking out of the ear. Hold it and pull it out gently.

Secondly, do not probe the ear

Introducing objects such as matchstick or cotton swab into the ear to remove a lodged object, risks pushing it further into the ear.

Thirdly, tilt your head towards the affected ear

By leaning towards the affected ear, the object in the ear can fall out of the ear due to the action of gravity.

Trap Insects

Insects lodged in the ear are felt as they move up the ear canal. By using warmed (not hot) olive oil or baby oil into the ear to float the insect out of the ear.

  • Tilt the ear up
  • put two or three drops of pre warmed oil into the affected ear
  • tilt the ear downwards and allow the oil to drain out
  • check to see see if the objects floats out

Try washing the object out

Use a rubber-bulb ear syringe and warm water to irrigate the object out of the canal, again provided no ear tubes are in place and you don’t suspect the eardrum is perforated.

If these methods fail or the person continues to experience pain, discharge from the ear canal, reduced hearing or a sensation of something lodged in the ear, seek medical assistance.



Here are three easy ways to remove the foreign objects from the nose

Firstly, Calm the child down

Secondly, Let person breath through his mouth to avoid breathing the foreign object further up his nostril.

Last but not the least, Pinch the unaffected nostril and let the person blow hard out of the affected nostril, this will help dislodge the object from the nose.

Report to the nearest physician if this fails as soon as possible.

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