8 reasons why you should sleep naked

why sleep naked

If you regularly sleep with pyjamas, you are in the minority. The vast majority of us sleep naked – without clothes. We’re always looking for new routines to improve health and wellness. Have you been hearing a lot about this one lately, sleeping naked?.  Sleeping is one of the most important things we will do in our lives and it’s important that we get plenty of quality sleep. Getting enough sleep has a several number of benefits. However, lack of deep, restful sleep causes serious health problems.

But did you know that you can get additional benefits when you sleep naked? It’s true! Take a look at the top 8 reasons you should go commando tonight!

It improves sleep

We mean no shirts or tops when we say sleep naked. Sleeping without clothes does not have anything getting twisted every time you turn over. Furthermore, there’s no drawstrings to get tangled or pulled on, no pants to get turned around or pulled too far up or too far down, none of those annoying things to interfere with your sleep means you will sleep better! You don’t need to read a scientific study to know that deeper, more restful sleep means you will feel better and be healthier.

You will be free and happier

Just imagine the feeling of laying in bed naked. You’re free of your pants and underwear. Women, you’re not wearing a constrictive bra. It’s just you sandwiched between two cool sheets. The feeling just makes you want to smile and it makes you feel more free. Everyone can sleep naked every now and then. It may even help you be more happier as a person.

You will be more healthier

When you sleep naked, it will help to improve your blood circulation. This is good news for your heart and muscles. It’s even worse when you wear underwear and pyjamas with strong elastic in them, as this will cling even tighter once you heat up in the night. As well as this, the superior quality sleep that you experience will lead to a normalization of your hormone levels, as well as increasing the release of both the growth hormone and melatonin, which have anti-ageing properties.

It makes you look younger

Yes, you read that right. When you sleep naked it will help your body stay cool. As we all know, trying to sleep in a warm room can be a tough and uncomfortable challenge.  That warmth disrupts the release of anti-aging hormones. So take those clothes off and get some real beauty sleep!

It makes you feel sexier

This doesn’t have any scientific backing as far as we know. But from experience, many women say that, when they sleep naked, it makes them feel more sensual and in touch with their body. Cuddling with your partner skin-on-skin with nothing between you can reinforce your connection. Additionally, it’s very much easier to have a s3xual encounter if you don’t have a layer of clothing to loose first.

Improve your skin

It’s recommended to clean your face before going to sleep. This is because pores that can’t breathe will become blocked with dirt, creating spots. However, this is the same for all the skin on your body, when you sleep naked. It can help solve any problem areas you currently have. Your skin will be able to breathe, thus making it less likely that you will suffer from spot ridden skin.

Your s3xual organs will be happier

When you sleep naked and expose your vag*na naturally to damp and warm places, the unobstructed air flow every night can help reduce the growth of yeast and unwelcome bacteria. On the other hand, testes are meant to be cooler than the rest of the body. Testicles that are kept cooler by sleeping naked are good to produce healthier sperm.

It can help your marriage

Seriously! If you are living with a significant other, or if you are married, when you sleep naked with your partner allow for skin on skin contact. Whether you are cuddling or just sleeping with your arm around their stomach. This type of contact leads to more s3x. Due to this, your body releases huge amounts of  oxytocin, which makes you feel good feel and think good thoughts.

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