10 Real reasons why older men date younger women

Reasons older men date younger women

Well, age is just a number right? We have seen countless older men date younger women and found it weird. However, it is globally accepted. When a young woman is romantically involved with an older man, she always call him “sugar daddy”.

Nowadays we see a lot more couples where the man is 10 or 15 years older than the woman. People often wonder why women would get in a relationship with a much older man! Others also wonder why older men prefer younger women? Mostly in such cases, the women are far much younger than the men.

Reasons why older men date younger women

However, it’s no longer a taboo for older men to date younger women. Older men dating younger women today is just considered another thing. Many don’t make any big deal of it anymore. Let’s find out what really attracts an older man to a woman young enough to be his daughter…

Reasons why older men date younger women

1. Stamina

Youth has its own charm and robust energy. With age, the body goes through a lot of changes. Joint pain, bad back and low energy are all symptoms of old age. All these can take a toll on one’s sex life. However, this is not the case for young women and that attracts men. Younger women have more stamina and older men like that.

2. The Beauty of young women

With lots of cosmetic products available nowadays, society has set a high standard of beauty. This rejects the natural elan of old age. Despite the fact that older men are gaining wrinkles, grey hair and dodgy joints, they want a woman who have fitter bodies. Sounds brutal, right? Furthermore, they are also open to various experiments which do not seem to excite older women.

3. Easily replaceable

This is the harsh reality: older men date younger women because they do not look for serious relationships but instead, they look for flings. As long as you have a bulging bank balance, younger women are easy to pick up and drop off. Odds are they’ll be less heartbroken when you break it off with them, because they have many years ahead of them for marriage. Additionally, young women may not even be looking for long-term relationships. Besides, older women can’t be easily paid off.

4. Mid-life Crisis

The mid-life is something which afflicts a large majority of the male population. Upon reaching a certain age, these men can feel insecure about their position in life. This make them for new things such as a new sports car or acquire a young bride. This helps to validate them. Besides a woman of the same age would seek success and stability, which may mar the sense of accomplishment in men.

5. Privacy

Dating someone younger has an attractive quality because you will probably not know anyone in their social circle. These relationships are often not public because the people involved have contrasting social circles. Their friends have no clue who you are – they may know your daughter, though! The secrecy is a huge advantage for older men who want to conceal their identity.

6. Flexibility

Let’s be honest, s3x is the biggest deal when older men date younger women. Younger women are open to experiments and their body permits it. This is an ideal situation for older men who want to fulfill their dark fantasies which the older women would not do. The possibility of having their kinky desires turn into reality thrills the older men.

7. Lesser work

Most older men date a younger women because they know they are only in for money, rather than love. Therefore they feel less responsibility for her health and well-being. Instead, the two have an unspoken mutual understanding that it’s to be a short-term plan, one that works for both parties in different ways.

8. Less effort

Older women requires a lot of emotional support from her husband especially when it comes to the children, bills. Whiles young women are satisfied with little things. Older men date younger women because some of them will also explore career options and have less time. Emotional attachment to men may not be their priority. Men who wish to escape the web of responsibility will go for younger women.

9. Power and control

Men love to dominate, it’s in their blood. So, when it comes to a partner, a younger woman is more pliable to being molded and controlled, because they rely on an older man more. Moreover, older men is more experienced and asserts his presence. He enjoys being in charge of the relationship. Older men also date younger women because, usually they are submissive.

10. Quench his ego

The older men seek for validation. Dating a much younger woman puts him in a position of authority and creates a social image. To some it may be cringe worthy while to others it is an unspoken victory. They can blindly believe that they managed to secure such an attractive specimen by their pure charm, rather than their loaded wallet. The younger woman would also want to please her man which is exactly what he wishes.

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