How to protect and maintain your liver naturally

cleanse your liver

The liver is the largest organ inside the human body and one of the most important. Not only is it responsible for filtering all sorts of harmful toxins out of your blood, it also helps you digest your food and store energy. It is also one of the easiest organs to damage, and does require a little care to keep it working properly.

How to Protect Your Liver

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise not only helps you maintain a healthy body weight, it does good things for your liver, as well. Studies have shown that just 150 minutes of activity per week is enough to improve hepatic enzyme levels and overall function. It can also reduce your chances of developing fatty liver disease.

Quit smoking

As if you didn’t have enough reasons to quit already: numerous studies have shown that smoking drastically increases the risks of contracting both scarring of hepatic and liver cancer.

Moderate your alcohol consumption

Toxic chemicals in alcohol causes damage to your liver. Alcoholic liver disease is the result of excessive intake of alcohol, and is responsible for up to 37% of all hepatic disease deaths. However, the good news is that, hepatic cells is able to regenerate itself better than any other organ in the body.

Avoid exposure to other toxins

Exposure to chemicals found in polluted air and water increases your risk of developing liver disease. Avoid any unnecessary exposure to these kinds of toxins, and use appropriate safety gear if you cannot protect yourself.

Eat a healthy diet

Keep your liver healthy by eating a balanced diet that is low in trans fats and fructose. They both have both been shown to contribute negatively to hepatic function. These substances are found in many processed foods, such as chips, soda and fried foods.

Protect yourself from infections

Hepatitis is an inflammation of hepatic cells. It is usually caused by a virus. Vaccines are available. However, practicing good hygiene and avoiding unprotected s3x helps prevents hepatitis.

Be careful when using acetaminophen

Most people prefer using over-the-counter pain reliever acetaminophen. However, acetaminophen overdose is a common cause of hepatic damage. It is responsible for the deaths of many people every year, most of which are accidental. Remember that acetaminophen is a drug and use it only as directed!

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