Premarital Counselling And Testing: 3 Must-Do Tests

Premarital screening

One of the most important thing both you and your partner need to do before D-Day is premarital counselling and testing. Medical check-ups are a must do for a happy and healthy married life. Premarital counselling and testing will help you couple from the hereditary and infectious diseases. 

Premarital counselling and testing are set of tests which are done by people who are planning to get married. Usually, people are not aware of their health conditions. They might look healthy from the outside but internally you might be suffering from some problem. This can either be an infection or hereditary disease. So getting a Premarital medical test will steer clear your mind about any health condition.

Knowing your partner’s health doesn’t imply that the marriage itself is on troubled grounds. But it will enable you to take proper medical care if required. Marriage is a remarkable event in one’s life. Therefore it must be in order to build a happy, stable family, getting along well.

Premarital counselling and testing
Couples undergoing premarital counselling and testing

Premarital counselling and testing varies from one region to another. This depends on the prevalence of the diseases in that region.

Premarital counselling and tests to do before the D-Day

The following tests recommended for couples that are going to get married. This is to prevent as much as possible transmitting disease to their offspring. 

Test for HIV and other sexual transmitted infections (STIs) 

Premarital counselling and testing helps to know you & your partners health status. HIV is life threatening, as well as other STIs such as syphilis, hepatitis B and C, herpes and gonorrhoea etc. Besides, there’s the risk of your child getting affected by it.

These conditions last for lifelong. If not detected early and properly managed, can strain the marriage. The knowledge of your partner’s status helps protect yourself. It will also help seek for adequate medical care if any of you turns out to be positive. 

Genetic or chronic medical conditions testing

Premarital testing allows couples seek medical care before the medical conditions gets to its terminal stage. This test includes screening for diabetes, hypertension, certain cancers, kidney disease, sickle cell and thalassemia. There are many others if you feel the need to do.

Blood Group compatibility test

Blood groups need to be compatible with each other to avoid problems during pregnancy like the Rhesus factor disease. It is a condition where antibodies in a pregnant woman’s blood destroy her baby’s blood cells.

Women with rhesus negative blood group married to a rhesus positive husband have a greater chance of rhesus incompatibility where the growing fetus takes after the father in blood group causing this problem, and leading to intrauterine death and miscarriages.

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