Best popular positions used in giving birth

Comfortable positions for giving birth

You have been preparing and planning for nine months for baby’s arrival. While you read books and watch videos, others may even take a birthing class. But while movies and TV shows have led many of us to believe both labour and delivery happen while lying on your back with your legs spread wide, anyone who’s been through the experience will tell you there are various positions than just that.

Using different positions to stay mobile and upright during labour can help it to progress more quickly. They can also relieve back pain, encourage your pelvis to open, and help you to cope with the pain of contractions.

Many of the following positions are designed to let you rock or sway your way through labour. If your labour slows, changing position every 20 minutes or so, may help to get it going again.

Remember, what’s comfortable in one phase of labour may not be in another. Follow your instincts to find the right positions and movements for you.

Best common positions used in labour

Birthing stool

Important positions for delivery

A birthing stool can help you push in a very familiar position.Thus the position you are used to using for having a bowel movement. Additionally, the low height of the stool flexes your legs and expands the size of your pelvis. Whiles the upright position helps use gravity to promote the downward movement of the baby. You would push in the position shown, and then between contractions can lean backward to rest supported by your partner.

The hands and knees

Common labour positions

The all fours position calls for you to get down onto your hands and knees, either in bed or on a floor mat. The hands and knees position is a great one, since it helps open the pelvis. This position also eases back pain. It also helps the baby rotate into the optimal position for delivery face down.

Side lying

best positions for a pregnant

This position for birth is good if you’re feeling tired and need to lie down. It allows your contractions to remain strong and powerful. It doesn’t restrict the movement of the baby down the birth canal. This also increases blood flow to your baby and can help reduce back pain. Your pelvic bones are free to move and open as necessary. Due to this, there is maximum opening for birth. Either you or one of your care givers can support your right leg when you need to raise it. Just put your hand behind your bent knee. Let you pelvic muscles relax as much as possible. Support your belly and legs with pillows.

Sitting on birthing ball

Which positions aids simple giving birth

This allows you to take the weight off your legs and relax your lower back. You can rock side to side, forward and back, or all the way round. Your partner may sit behind you so that you can lean back into him between contractions, or you may want to lean forward against a bed or other furniture. Also prop up one foot and lean forward into it during contractions.

Sitting upright

pregnant woman sitting upright during laborThis upright sitting position is a variation on the use of a birthing stool. It allows the mother to curled forward around her baby, with her elbows out as she pushes. The head of the bed is raised high, and the foot of the bed is lowered, giving you a place to place your feet.

Like the use of the stool, this position helps you use gravity effectively. Between contractions, you can lean backward supported by the bed. If you like, your partner can also sit behind you in bed as you use this position.


positions used in giving birth

Squatting is very effective when you’re ready to push. This is because you are working with, not against, gravity, to enlarge the pelvic opening. The correct position is knees wide, feet flat on the floor. Don’t try squatting unsupported unless you’re sure you can hold the position and keep your balance. It’s a good idea to get in shape by practicing squats during your pregnancy to ensure your leg and thigh muscles can take the strain.

Birthing bar positions

Best birthing positions

Call it the birthing stool’s cousin: The birthing bar is an attachment that can be added to many labor beds to help support birthing positions. With a birthing bar, you can sit up at any time and squat, leaning on the bar for support. “The birthing bar can be an awesome tool. You can wrap a towel on it to make it easier to use and switch positions. It also uses gravity to push the baby down and expand your pelvis as well.

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