Lighten your skin with these 10 effective home remedies

Lighten your skin at home

Are you tired of looking  into the mirror and seeing dark skin? Do you want a beautiful fair skin? Well there are a number of ways to get it. You need to take time and look into ways that you can lighten it up quickly. There are several products on the market but most of them cause more harm than they are worth. If you are looking for natural ways to lighten your skin, you are on the right page.

Best skin care and lighten your skin naturally

Darkening of the skin can be caused due to extreme sun exposure, certain medications, an illness, dry skin conditions, stress, genetics, and even maintaining a poor diet. It’s something none of us want.

Lightening your skin at home using natural ingredients is completely harmless. It can improve your skin tone and appearance. What more? The process is simple and quite inexpensive as well. They also gentle on your skin and do what they’re supposed to do.

How to lighten your skin at home


They contain properties that lighten your skin naturally. They also help tone your skin. Consumption of orange juice daily can also improve the overall texture of the skin. Mix orange juice with a pinch of turmeric. Another way is to grind orange peel into powder, mix with turmeric to form a paste. Apply on face before going to bed. Leave for 15 minutes and wash off. This will help in lightening spots and other marks on the face.

Papaya / pawpaw

Papaya has papain enzyme, a protein-dissolving enzyme which is a natural acne fighter. It is very effective in skin renewal and lightens your skin. Additionally, it also gives you glowing skin. It functions as an exfoliator, skin softer and moisturizer. Mash the papaya pulp to a smooth paste. Apply on your cleansed skin. Leave this pack for 20 minutes and rinse it off with normal water. Apply this daily for effective results.


Turmeric has been used to improve overall skin quality for a long time. It is one of the best natural solutions for a more even tone. The antioxidant properties of this plant make it ideal for healing a damaged complexion. Mix turmeric powder and milk cream to form a thick paste. Apply this paste directly on your face. Allow the mixture to dry on your face. Wash it off with warm water. You will be surprised at the results you get. Do this on a regular basis for only a week or two.


It has amazing benefits not only for whitening your skin but to add moisture where moisture is due. If you have sensitive skin, it’s also a great alternative to traditional face washes. It contains antibacterial properties to prevent further damage. Apply honey to your face before your evening shower and wash off after a few minutes. It may be sticky, but it’s definitely worth it! Besides, you don’t have to worry about the consequences of ingesting any in the process. It’ll only do you good.


It is a natural exfoliating agent that removes skin impurities. Oatmeal can either be combined with yogurt and lemon to lighten your skin. Also, when mixed with olive oil, it nourishes your skin. Due to this, it’s a pack that cleanses, moisturizes and lightens your skin. Mix 2 tablespoon ground oatmeal, 1 tablespoon yogurt, 2 tablespoon lemon juice and 1 tablespoon olive oil. Apply the mixture on the skin and let it dry naturally. Wash off with cold water after about thirty minutes. Pat the skin dry and apply moisturizer to keep it a little moist. Apply the pack two times a week to lighten your skin and also reduce dark spots.


Lemon contains vitamin C  which reduces the appearance of dark spots. It also has citric acid which acts as a chemical exfoliant and removes acne. This removes dead cells and give a lighter toned skin. Cut a lemon and extract the juice. Add 1/2 tablespoon distilled water to it(for sensitive skin). Apply it to your cleansed face with the help of cotton. Wash it off with normal water after 10-15 minutes and apply your regular moisturizer. Use this pack daily to see a fast result.


Yogurt contains lactic acid. It also has bleaching properties. It helps to improve the skin tone and complexion. Mix yogurt and honey or oatmeal. Apply on the face once daily. Leave for a few minutes and wash it off. This will keep the skin supple and moisturized.


Cucumber is another food that offers quite a few health benefits, especially for the skin. If you want to lighten your skin as quickly and effectively as possible, cucumber can be of great help. Simply slice up a cucumber and put a few on the darker areas of your face for 15-20 minutes. Doing this twice a day for a few weeks can yield some impressive results. You also have the option of combining cucumber and lemon juice. All you have to do is rub the mixture onto your face gently for a couple of minutes. Then you wash off.

Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera is one of nature’s true miracles. It offers plenty of health benefits for both ingesting and applying to the skin. If you have an Aloe Vera plant, cut a leaf in half and squeeze the gel onto your face. Leave the substance on for roughly 30-minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water. It rebuilds damaged skin cells.

Potato juice

The juice from a potato actually has quite a bit of vitamin C. It also has other nutrients that are important when it comes to maintaining healthy skin. The antioxidant properties of this particular food are capable of destroying dead cells. Peel the potato and slice it into one inch size portions. Use these slices to lighten your skin by touching them to the dark areas on your face. You will want to apply each slice for around 20 minutes to get the full effect. The juices from the potato should work well to make your skin noticeably brighter within a fairly short period of time.

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