Coughing: Top 7 effective natural remedies for relieve

Coughing in general is perfectly normal but constant and prolong coughing is a problem. Whether it’s during the day or night, coughing causes discomfort. It interferes with your daily activities as well as your precious hours you get to sleep at night. And once you are up, how are you going to fall back asleep when your throat is itching like hell? A cough is actually not that difficult to get rid of naturally.

How to treat a cough

Either you are a child or an adult, male or female, constant coughing can really trouble your body and mind. Unfortunately, we are all affected and afflicted by this very common ailment at some time or the other in our lives.

However, there are several reasons for coughing such as:

Home remedies for coughing

Saline water or salt water gargle

Salt works effectively against cough and throat pain when used for gargling. It gives humidity to the throat, acts as an antibacterial agent and also soothes the pain. Continuing this remedy once every few days on a regular basis can help prevent throat and upper respiratory tract infections in general. Mix the salt in the water and gargle with the liquid. Repeat this twice or thrice a day.


It tastes horrible but relieves you from coughing. However, you can get back to your normal routine soon as you are relieved. It has a very strong antibacterial and pain-relieving qualities that bid goodbye to your cough with ease. Get about 2 or 3 cloves of garlic and a glass of milk. Boil the garlic cloves in milk and drink it. Drink a glass of this milk every night for 2-3 days.

Guava leaves

Guava leaves have antibiotic properties and are rich in vitamin C. Drinking tea made with these leaves can get rid of the cough by killing the microbes and boosting immunity. Get about 3 to 4 guava leaves and a glass of water. Boil the leaves for a few minutes. Strain and drink the tea prepared. Drink a cup of guava leaf tea every day to get relieve from coughing.

Apple cider vinegar

The benefits of this ingredient are just never ending. Its antimicrobial and pH balancing properties work in our favor when it comes to treating a cough. If you do not have any ACV at home, you can use white vinegar or red vinegar instead. Get 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar. Add the vinegar to a glass of warm water and gargle with this but do not swallow this liquid. However, you can add a teaspoon of ACV mixed with two teaspoons of honey and swallow.

Ginger peppermint and honey

Ginger has strong antibiotic properties. If taken with honey, it works as a natural painkiller as well provides relieve from coughing. Peppermint helps ginger in eliminating the infection as it is also an antimicrobial agent. It also soothes the sinus passages and the itching sensation in your throat. Get

  • 3 tablespoons chopped ginger
  • 1 tablespoon dried peppermint
  • 1 cup honey
  • 4 cups water

Pour the water in a pan and add the ginger and peppermint to it. Boil this mixture until it reduces to half of its original volume. Let it cool down and add the honey to it and mix well. Take a tablespoon of this mixture. Take this mixture for 3 to 4 hours interval.

Honey and lemon

Honey is a gentle yet effective cough reliever. It has soothing properties that can relieve adamant coughing in an instant. Also,the vitamin C in lemon juice aids quick recovery from the infection. This remedy is also effective in children as well. Get 2 tablespoons of honey, half teaspoon lemon juice and a cup of warm water. Add the honey to warm water and mix well. Add the lemon juice and stir well. Drink twice daily.


It is also another great ingredient in relieving cough. The bromelain present in pineapple juice reduces cough, inflammation in the respiratory tract, and nasal mucus. Increase intake of pineapple to get relieve from coughing.

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