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The weekends are all about partying hard after all that hard work during the week. But when you let loose and go all out, the chances are that you will end up nursing a hangover. Binge drinking is never a good idea. It is harmful to your overall health.

Having a stubborn hangover morning after the party certainly spoils the fun of the night. We’ve all had those mornings: the tiredness, headache, stomach ache. Sometimes even unable to form cohesive sentences or venture out into daylight. All because we went a little overboard with alcoholic drinks the night before!

Hangover cures

Although the easiest way to avoid hangover is to stop after one drink, that can be easier said than done when we’re out with friends and having a good time.

Nothing treats the entire hangover but there are a few things you can do to help relieve the pain and get back on your feet. Let’s take a look at a few tried and true hangover cures that you can try.

How to cure a hangover

Here are the hangover cures that might have you feeling better.

Drink more water

The alcohol you drank last night dehydrated your body and the best way to feel better is to re-hydrate it. When your head is splitting in the morning, it’s because your body is pulling water from any available source – including the brain. A great way to prevent the morning headache is to remember to drink a large glass of water before going to bed. Also, have a glass right when you wake up and continue pouring yourself a fresh one over the next few hours.

You can also replenish your body with fruit or vegetable juices. Alternating one of these with water is one of the best things you can do for a hangover. The water rehydrates while the juice gives you necessary vitamins.

Get some sleep

Rest is your best friend at this point because your body needs an opportunity to recover. It is best to simply stay in bed as long as you can. Even an extra hour or two of sleep will help out greatly.

Take a shower

Once you have slept as much as possible, take a cool shower. This will not only clean you up but freshen and wake up your senses as well.

Eat something

Food may seem like the last thing you want right now, but it can help. You don’t have to consume much or anything that will make you sick. Start with something bland such as bananas and kiwis. They can help you cure a hangover due to their rich potassium content (Potassium is a mineral you lose when you drink because of frequent urination).


Specifically peppermint or ginger tea, as they’ve been shown to settle an upset stomach and reduce feelings of nausea. Brew 1-2 tea bags of either peppermint or ginger tea in about 2 ounces of hot water. Once brewed, remove the tea bags, and stir in 1 teaspoon of honey, and ⅛ teaspoon of salt until dissolved. Add ice, lemon juice. The tea will be gentle on the stomach whiles the sugar and salt will replenish your electrolytes!

Get some exercise

When even standing seems like a challenge, it takes willpower to get up and move. However, there is some truth to the benefits of a little exercise. It is not a magic cure, but it can help restore your body and mind. It can also increase your metabolism, ridding your body of the toxins a little faster.

There’s no need to work up a sweat, either. A short walk in the fresh air can really do wonders. If your hangover is at the level where even that is not a good idea, take a few minutes to just sit outside and breathe. A little sunshine and a light breeze have wonderful restorative powers.

Treat the nausea

When a wave of nausea hits, it may be hard to think about eating anything at all. However, it’s important to replenish the nutrients you lost during the night! Crackers or toast are carbohydrates that will help raise blood sugar while still being gentle on your tummy. Just be sure to eat slowly, and chew thoroughly to help with digestion. If you can stomach it, try a slice of toast with banana. The potassium in the banana will help replenish lost electrolytes!


We know that pizza sounds better, but greasy food will only upset your stomach further. Salty brothy soups, such as chicken noodle, will help replenish sodium and water in your body. Soup is also gentle on the stomach and easier to digest than other breakfast foods.

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