Gouty arthritis: 7 Natural prevention tips (Gout)

gouty arthritis natural gout remedies

Gouty arthritis is a disease caused by deposition of uric acid in and around the joints. Weight loss is probably one of the most effective ways to prevent gouty arthritis from developing. Gout is a disease caused by deposition of uric acid in and around the joints. Also, it prevents your gout from becoming more painful or frequent. Reducing your weight or taking medication are additional options, often recommended along with a dietary change.

Most effective ways to prevent gouty arthritis from developing.

Increase intake of vitamin C

Enough of vitamin C each day, especially between 1,500 and 2,000mg a day, significantly reduces your risk of gout. Many people suffering from gout add lemon juice to their water. Although it is difficult to reach these high levels of vitamin C intake without taking supplements.


Regular physical activity can be helpful in reducing weight and the associated risk of gout. However, moderate activity such as cycling, walking, tennis, or swimming for at least 150 minutes a week is recommended for adults. Work out for 30 minutes total a day.

Drinking enough water

Gouty arthritis occurs when uric acid causes crystals to form in your joints. Fluids can help pass uric acid through your body in urine. This also serve as an effective way to reduce the chance of gout attacks. Water is the most effective fluid for this purpose, but you may use 100% fruit juice for part of your daily quota.

Reduce intake of meat and fish

Meats contains purine, which breaks down into the uric acid that causes gouty arthritis. You do not have to eliminate meat entirely, but eating not more than 4–6 ounces (110–170 g) daily is recommended. Lean meat is advisable than fatty meat.Try to remove these from your diet, or eat them only occasionally and in small amounts: Kidneys, liver, brains, and other organ meat as well as anchovies, sardines, and mackerel.

Avoid drinking alcohol

Alcohol causes gouty arthritis. However, beer contains yeast that is high in purine, making it especially likely to worsen your gout. Have about 100mls of wine a day instead of alcohol. Wine does not prevent gout but rather substitute for beer.

Reduce fat intake

Fats in your diet, especially saturated fat, can slow your body’s processing of uric acid, and bring on more severe gout pain. If you normally drink whole-fat milk, try switching to 1% fat or skim milk instead. If you like eating fried food, try roasting instead.

Avoid sugary processed foods

Fructose found in sweeteners, raises uric acid levels significantly. When uric acid builds up, it forms needle-like crystals (monosodium urate). This causes the joint pain and inflammation known as gout. Diets high in sugar, sweeteners, and processed food are currently a major cause of gouty arthritis.

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