7 Simple Steps To Care For Cuts at Home

Cuts at home care

Children play a lot at home and sometimes have cuts and injuries. It can stem from simple paper cuts to any larger forms of cuts.

Hence, the need to follow these simple 7 steps which would be effective in taking care of your child’s cuts.

Firstly, Wash your hands

Hand washing  greatly reduces the risk of infection. Therefore, always use soap and clean water, preferably a clean running water.

Secondly, stop the bleeding

Use clean bandages to apply pressure at the site of the cut to prevent bleeding. Besides bandage, you can use a new handkerchief as well. If you can not stop the bleeding, continue applying the pressure and rush your child to the hospital as soon as possible.

Thirdly, Clean the wound

Use a clean running water and mild soap to wash around the cut. Use cleaned tweezers (cleaned with alcohol) to remove debris from the cut. Do not put hydrogen per-oxide and or iodine to avoid irritation.

Fourthly, Apply an ointment or petroleum jelly

Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) over the surface of the cut to keep it moist and prevent scaring.

Additionally, Cover the cut

Using a clean bandage, cover the surface of the wound and hold it in place using an adhesive, plaster. Change this dressing once a day or whenever the bandage becomes wet and or dirty.

Finally, Get a tetanus shot

Get a tetanus shot when the cut is caused by a rusty object or if the wound was contaminated with dust or animal droppings. Visit your physician immediately if you do not seem sure!

Watch out for signs of infection

Observe for; redness around the cut, swelling and pus formation. Visit your physician if this signs are visible.

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