9 best ways to prevent skin wrinkles naturally

How to prevent wrinkles

For many people, the quest for younger-looking skin is a constant battle. Wrinkles, like death and taxes, are an unwanted certainty for just about everyone on the planet. They are cute on puppies and elephants but not so cute on us as we get older. Nature has a way of supplying what we need, and as long as we know what we’re looking for, we can find our at-home remedies throughout our kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Best wrinkles prevention ways

While genes do play a role in the aging process, the actions you take control many of the processes’ speed and level of damage. Take control and try an inexpensive remedies at home. Just set time aside for a 30-second face massage every morning to prevent and treat fine lines and wrinkles.

Surprising ways to reduce wrinkles

1. Try sleeping on your back

A woman sleeps peacefully on her back.

An uninterrupted 8 hours of restful sleep is important in maintaining good overall health. Chronic sleep deprivation can decrease one’s sense of well-being and increase the likelihood of depression. Severe depression could cause wrinkling by producing undesirable contraction of the muscles controlling the forehead and around the mouth.

2. Massage

Give yourself a massage with a do-it-yourself acupressure treatment. Use your index and middle finger on one hand to massage 20 rotations between your brows. Apply light pressure to each temple for 10 seconds. Also do this to the jaw joint for another 10 seconds while clenching your teeth gently. It’ll smooth skin and relax the muscles from making unnecessary micro-movements that cause wrinkles from tension and stress.

3. Consume more protein such as salmon

A woman eats a piece of salmon sushi.

The skin is composed primarily of protein. It is therefore important to make sure food intake supplies the necessary elements of a well-rounded diet. Fish is a good source of protein as well as other nutrients. This allows the body to integrate dietary proteins into the skin.

4. Quit smoking

By now, you probably shouldn’t need any more reasons to quit smoking. Because you know with the whole lung cancer and death side effects. But just in case you still haven’t got the message, know that smoking is one of the worst things you can do for your skin. In addition to all the horrible things it does to your body, it also breaks down collagen. Which is why smokers tend to have some of the worst wrinkles of anyone you’ll ever meet. Just stay away from smoking, simple!

5. Don’t over-wash your face

A woman washes her face.

For a soap to remove dirt it must dissolve fats. Since our skin produces fats naturally it is important to make sure this natural fat is replenished. Certain people, especially the elderly, have difficulty in accomplishing this so it may be necessary to add it back by using a good hydrating facial moisturizer or using a soap with a moisturizer in it already.

6. Stay hydrated

Good skin starts from within. Stay hydrated with water, coconut water, and green tea. (which is full of antioxidants). Not only is moisturizing from within important, but water rids your body of toxins. It’s all about detoxing.

7. Increase intake of vitamin C

A woman smoothes vitamin c enriched cream on her face.

Vitamin C is necessary for normal collagen production. It is important to make sure your diet contains foods rich in this vitamin. In addition, avoiding ultraviolet light either from the sun or from artificial light sources is probably the single most important recommendation for minimizing wrinkles.

8. Use sunscreen everyday and try to stay out of the sun

Over the last few years, there’s been a  ton of studies done showing the damaging effects of sunlight on the skin. UV radiation penetrates deep into the skin and really breaks down collagen. This is one of the most important thing you can do to protect your skin from premature aging and wrinkles.

9. Exfoliate wisely

The skin on your face is sensitive. If you scrub too hard, it will leave it red and sore. You don’t need to scrub hard to exfoliate, just use gentle circular motions with your washcloth and that will get your face clean, without stripping it of all the natural oils. Alpha-hydroxy acids, including citric, tartaric, lactic, malic, and gycolic acids, are all outstanding exfoliates that can be found in many common foods, such as oranges, lemons, grapes, yogurt, apples, pears, and even sugar. When applied, alpha-hydroxy acids help to dissolve the bonds between old and new skin cells, causing the old dead skin to flake away. In turn, you’ll reveal new skin that shows fewer fine lines, and generally has a younger appearance.

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