Top 9 best foods that helps in proper digestion

Best foods for healthy digestion

It’s very uncomfortable to feel bloated, have abdominal cramps, suffer a heartburn. Slow or improper digestion mostly causes embarrassment in public places. Continuous gut problem can also put your health at risk.

A healthy digestive system has plenty of benefits on your health. It boosts immunity, makes you proactive, improves skin health, elevates your mood and enhances nutrient absorption, just to mention a few.

Avoid indigestion and improve digestion with food

Though there are many supplements available in the market shelves that will help relieve you of these comforts. But the ideal way to correct them is through diet. Consuming some foods aids in proper digestion. Also, avoid foods that can potentially aggravate digestive issues. To add to, do pay close attention to what foods work for you and what foods don’t.

Here are the 9 best foods to improve your digestion.

Best eating habits for digestion


Yogurt is incredibly good for your digestion because it provides the gut with good bacteria. This bacteria helps in digesting food. Several studies have shown that yogurt consumption has several health benefits. It can inhibit diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease, improve bowel movement and reduce the risk of colon cancer. Consume small bowl of yogurt after lunch or dinner to aid digestion. But in case you are lactose intolerant, consider a yogurt alternatives. It can either be made from almond or goat milk or even coconut milk.


This yellow root helps improve digestion and prevent nausea. Used to treat various ailments such as cold, cough and morning sickness. It is believed that ginger has a positive effect on enzymes that help break down fats and proteins. Also, it moves food from your stomach to your small intestine quicker. Due to this, it reduces your risk of heartburn, nausea and bloating. You can have a small piece of ginger with a little salt and chew it in the morning. You can add ginger to your fruit juice or cooked food.


Full with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and have anti-inflammatory properties. Due to the high fiber and water content, they help prevent constipation by softening the stool. This aids smooth bowel movements. Antioxidants also help prevent toxic buildup that can lead to indigestion and stomach infections. Consume them in your smoothies, juices or salads.

Whole grains

These includes brown rice, oats and whole wheat bread. They are very rich in fibre. Due to this they are capable of solving variety of health problems such as bloating, nausea and gas. Also they provide nutrition to the gut good bacteria. However, if you have gluten intolerance or celiac disease, avoid these.


Bananas are rich in fiber. This helps to improve bowel movement and aid in digestion. They also help keep your blood sugar low. Besides, they are easy to chew and tastes great too. Add one banana every day either in your breakfast cereal, smoothie, or pancakes. You can also have a banana with frozen yogurt or vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Papaya / pawpaw

It aids digestion by breaking down food. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which can help soothe the stomach. Moreover, papayas are also a rich source of vitamins A, B. and C, which helps to flush out toxins. Also, it reduces bloating, constipation, and heartburn. It is very easy to digest and it dissolves fats instantly. Have papaya after 1 hour of having lunch. You can also have papaya smoothie in the morning or add papaya to your fruit bowl.


Like yogurt, apples are also rich in bacteria that is helpful for maintaining a good gut health. They are very good sources of vitamins and minerals such as folate, vitamin A & C and potassium. These helps in proper functioning of your intestines.

Sweet potatoes

They are rich in dietary fiber that aid proper bowel movement and nutrient absorption. They also stimulate the synthesis of cells in the gut. This promotes the activities of digestive enzymes in the colon. You can have mashed, baked or grilled sweet potato with olive oil, salt, and pepper. You can also substitute potatoes with sweet potato in curries.


They are one of the best sources of fibre in fruits. It is excellent in healthy mono-saturated fats. It also helps to soothe inflamed stomach and duodenum wall. This helps promotes good gut health.

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