Okra: 11 Impressive Health Benefits of Eating okro

Health benefits of okro

Okro (Hibiscus Esculentus), is known by many names around the world – okra, okro, lady’s finger (England), gumbo (U.S.), guino-gombo (Spain), guibeiro (Portugal), Kacang bendi (Malaysia), and bhindi, gombo, and bendakai (India). The fact that it even has that many names suggests its global popularity and widespread cultivation. It is a plant of Ethiopian origin, although it is now grown and cultivated all over the world.

The pod of the vegetable has a greenish color. It also has tiny seeds which can be added to broths, stews and salads. It is a small, spear-shaped green veggie with a mild taste.

While okra might be easy to overlook in the production sector, don’t overlook it in your health. Okro packs impressive amounts of nutrients into its little pods. People have been using the vegetable to lower high cholesterol, control diabetes, reduce fatigue and even destroy cancer cells.

Below are the best health benefits of okra

1. Controls hunger

Okro is a rich source of soluble fiber. This will make you stay full for longer periods. Due to this, it will reduce your cravings for snacks.  Less snacking less weight gain.

2. Contains variety of nutrients

Okro contains significant amounts of vital nutrients such as protein, fiber, calcium, iron, and zinc. Due to these, it qualifies as an effective economical tool capable of treating malnutrition globally.

3. Vitamin C for younger skin

Vitamin C found in okro helps maintain a younger looking skin. It aids in repairing the body tissues. This, in turn, helps keep your skin younger and also makes it look more vibrant.

4. Treats fatigue

Fatigue is a common problem around the world nowadays. It comes with numerous ailments. However, okro can help you fight it. The seeds contain antioxidants and polyphenols which can promote glycogen storage in the liver. This means more energy for your cells.

5. Controls diabetes

Okro’s peel and seed can lower blood glucose levels. This makes them useful in managing diabetes mellitus. They do so by inhibiting carb-breaking enzymes. They also increase sensitivity to insulin. Additionally, they ensure there are sufficient insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. More insulin and less breakdown of carbs to glucose means lower blood sugar.

6. Regulates your cholesterol levels

It promotes the reduction of high cholesterol levels in the body. This prevents the accumulation of fat in your body. Okra therefore reduces the total cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Furthermore, it improves the production of bile acids in the stool. Because of this, it will prevent atherosclerosis and heart attack eventually.

7. Improves eyesight

Due to it’s vitamin A content, it also supports eyes health. If you have problems with your eyes or have a family with a history of weak eyesight, consume okra regularly.

8. Moisturizes your scalp

Okra is an excellent moisturizer for your dry and itchy scalp. It leaves your hair feeling soft. Besides, it isn’t harmful like the other cosmetics available in the market. It is great for people with unruly, curly and lifeless hair.

9. Stops bleeding and supports strong bones

Okra is full of vitamin K and folate. This vitamin can reinforce your bone mass and promote better blood coagulation. It also prevents bone loss and combating osteoporosis.

10. Boosts your immune system

Okra contains vitamin A. Vitamin A encourages the production of white blood cells. This are the soldiers in your immune system. They strengthen your immune system and equip your body well enough to resist.

11. Helps in digestion

Due to its soluble fiber content, okra helps accelerate the digestive system. It also improves blood sugar levels and reduces the risk of heart diseases. It is extremely good for the digestive system.

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