Cocoyam Leaves: Top 19 Essential Health Benefits

Kontomire health benefits

Cocoyam is a starchy edible tuber and bears broad greenish leaves. It possesses high nutritional values when compared to others such as cassava and yam. It is grown in several places around the world. Usually, we consume the roots tubers. Its leaves are known as cocoyam leaves but locally called kontomire.
Cocoyam leaves or kontomire leaves stew
The fact that cocoyam leaves are edible, often comes as a surprise for those who have only known this plant as a big root. However, these leaves are not only a good food product but are also able to provide you with plenty of useful vitamins and minerals.
Like any leafy green vegetables, cocoyam leaves are as healthy and useful for your body as can be. It’s easy to guess that they are especially useful for those who want to lose fat and also improve their health condition. However, like all green leafy vegetables, cocoyam leaves contain plenty of calcium and other essential nutrients.

Essential Health benefits of Cocoyam leaves (Kontomire)

Cocoyam leaves benefits

1. Control the blood pressure

The combined efforts of Omega 3 and vitamins are able to relax blood vessels and control the blood pressure. This is one of the main benefits of kontomire because it works quickly and also effectively.

2. Help in weight loss

Cocoyam leaves are low in fat but high in protein. It is therefore, the best diet to reduce your fat and get your muscle mass.

3. Prevention of cancer

The same vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. Due to this feature, it’s a great means against free radicals that cause diseases such as cancer and other conditions.

4. Beneficial to your eyes

In addition to Vitamin C, cocoyam leaves are also rich in vitamin A. It contains high amounts of vitamin A that meets your daily requirement. Because of this, it is a very good for eyes. It prevents some eyes diseases such as myopia, cataract and blindness.

5. Boost immune system

A cup of cocoyam leaves contains about 145mg of Vitamin C, about 86% of our body’s daily requirement. This will help boost your immune system effectively.

6. Reduces cholesterol levels

Cocoyam leaves have no cholesterol but has fibre. Because of its fibre content, it reduces cholesterol effectively. They bind and break down fat and cholesterol especially triglyceride.

7. Treats inflammation

Cocoyam leaves contain Omega 3 which plays a role in inflammation process and can inhibit the release of inflammatory substances. It can also help to treat diseases such as arthritis, flu, or lupus disease.

8. Protect the nervous system

The vitamin B complex in addition to thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and vitamin B6  in cocoyam leaves protect the nervous system. It works effectively against symptoms such as tingling, numbness, or calf pain. You can eat kontomire to improve your health.

9. Proper digestion

The high dietary fibre in cocoyam leaves helps in food digestion and absorption. Due to its high amount of zinc, it can stop diarrheoa immediately. It can also prevent other digestive problems such as indigestion, constipation.

10. Healthy bone

Cocoyam leaves also contain calcium which is good for the formation and maintenance of healthy bone. It works with phosphorous to strengthen the bone and teeth.

11. Healthy development of a fetus

Besides its rich nutrients content, the leaves also contain folate. This is essential for the development of your fetal brain and nervous system. It is, therefore, good to consume kontomire when you are pregnant. However, be sure to cook them well before you eat.

12. Anemia prevention

Cocoyam leaves diet is recommended in the prevention of anemia. This is because they contain iron mineral which helps in red blood cell formation. The vitamin C content additionally helps to absorb the iron well.

13. Prevention of pre-eclampsia in pregnancy

Pre-eclampsia is a very serious health condition that happens to pregnant women and is extremely dangerous for both the women and their babies. In order to prevent it, pregnant women should consume enough magnesium. Cocoyam leaves have a lot of it.

14. Reduces skin wrinkling

The proteins that can be found in these leaves contain one specific amino acid. It helps produce collagen and elastin, and enough of these elements means that your skin will be firm, smooth, and without wrinkles.

15. Provides energy

Cocoyam leaves present one of the best energy sources for the body through its essential amino acids. This protein regulates the blood sugar and increases the muscle strength and energy levels. This is the best diet for people who love to work out.

16. Promotes wound healing

An essential amino acid called leucine is contained by cocoyam leaves. It promotes the bone and skin healing by releasing the natural painkiller called enkephalins. It does not only facilitate the bone healing but also relieve the pain as well.

17. Increase sperm production

Cocoyam leaves contain arginine, an amino acid which helps to increase sperm production. This makes it good for men.

18. A detoxification agent

Histidine, one of the essential amino acids is also contained in cocoyam leaves. It serves as a detoxification agent that helps to remove the heavy metals from the body and protect the body from damage from radiation.

19. Depression control

Being able to release significant amounts of dopamine (the hormone, which can improve your mood and give you the sense of satisfaction and pleasure), these leaves are effective as a mood controller and a means to fight nicotine and other harmful addictions.
Now you see what a wonderful thing cocoyam leaves are. With all their affordability, they can come in handy as a natural remedy and prevention for many conditions. Don’t underestimate this gift of nature!

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