5 tips to avoid getting drunk with alcohol easily

Avoid alcohol

How much alcohol should you drink on a first datePerhaps this first date could be the start of something wonderful. And an ill-advised drunken leg over is not the most impressive start to a beautiful friendship, is it?

Here are 5 tips to guide you to avoid getting drunk with alcohol;

Drink water frequently between drinks.

Increase intake of liquids and less alcohol. You will still be able to drink, but you will be able to space out the actual alcoholic dose, keeping you soberer. You can even reduce the alcoholic level in beer by mixing it with lemonade instead of a straight beer.

Drink the same alcoholic beverage.

Try and only drink one type of alcoholic beverage. This prevents you from getting drunk easily. The liver can metabolize the alcohol and get it out of your system in an hour. If you stick to this schedule you will be able to drink casually but stay sober. Try and enjoy it slowly instead of downing it.

Set a limit for yourself.

Set your limit well in advance and stick to it. If you know that you mostly get drunk after 4 bottles of beers, then you need to set a limit to those beers out far enough to avoid getting wasted. Everyone handles alcohol differently, so there is no perfect number to stick to.

Eat fats and sugary snacks while drinking.

Continue eating snacks while drinking, as the fat will help form a filter against the drink. This makes the alcohol enter your body very slowly. Your weight will increase though, but you will have a clear head. Good options include: ice cream, pizza, energy drinks e.g. rush.

Know the alcohol you are drinking.

Do not just accept any drink. While one type of drink is normally a good guideline, mixed drinks on dates and events can vary wildly in strength. They are also sweetened so much that the actual alcoholic content is masked. If you find yourself in this situation, stick to your drink or mixing your own drinks.

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