Listerine: 14 Best Alternative Uses Besides Mouthwash

Surprising uses of listerine

All across the globe, Listerine is a very famous mouthwash of all. Besides its benefits that it provides for our oral cavity, it is also able to be a perfect replacement for many products that are used on daily basis. However, because of the alcohol and essential oil content within, there are several other uses.  Keep scrolling to see just how many surprising ways there are for you to use Listerine in your life!

Listerine uses at home DIY

Top 14 Alternative Uses of Listerine:

Clean the Toilet

Home uses of listerine

Listerine can actually clean and deodorize your bowl. On the toilet brush apply some Listerine and then scrub the bowl with it to clean it. Not only will it clean your toilet, but it will also give it a great shine and a good smell.

Rub It On Your Dog

Many pet owners use expensive flea sprays and products, instead opting for a little bit of Listerine. This flea-fighting method is a surprising alternative to sometimes harsh chemicals. Mix it with shampoo in a bath or dilute it with water and use as spray.

Clean the Bathroom

You can clean your bathroom by using a mixture of water and Listerine. Wipe places such as the cabinets, the floor, mirrors and the sink as well.

Trash can deodorizer

Each time you replace the bag in your garbage can, throw a Listerine-soaked paper towel in the bottom. This will keep your trash can smelling fresh no matter what else you throw away.

Soothe Itchiness

It can give you much relief from bites such as bug bites. On a cotton ball put a little bit of Listerine. Directly put it on the affected area or areas that are affected either by insect bites or poison ivy rash. It will soothe the itchiness.

Clean Scrapes and Cuts

Listerine has strong anti-bacterial properties due to its chemical compositions. Therefore, it can be used to cleanse scrapes and cuts, that will also prevent from a lot of infections.

Fight Underarm Odor

Listerine is great for fighting underarm odors whenever you are in a pinch! Get a cotton ball and dab it in Listerin, then rub your armpits with it. It will keep them bacteria-free and also prevent from the bad odor as well.

Soothe Toothache

If you are having a toothache, you can use Listerin to numb the area. It will relieve you from the pain permanently. Just dab some Listerine on the tooth.

Put It On Your Face

Many will use this mouthwash as a way to battle acne! Yep… Besides, it will also make your skin smell fantastic.

Foot Soak

In a bowl of hot water, pour a little bit of Listerin and soak your feet inside. They should be soaked for about 30 minutes. This will prevent stubborn infections such as corns and calluses.

Clean Your Toothbrush

We all know that Listerine’s number 1 use is keeping our mouths fresh and clean. But it can also help kill germs on your toothbrush. Soak your toothbrush in Listerin and it will be free of germs.

Eliminate Dandruff

One of the most stubborn and annoying issues is the dandruff. And it is quite hard to get rid of. But you can use Listerine to eliminate it very quickly. Get this mouthwash and rub it on your scalp. Use a towel to wrap your hair in, and let it act for a couple of minutes. Additionally, use warm water to rinse it.

Remove a Tick

We all know that ticks are a huge problem during the hot summer months, but with the use of Listerine you can be free of them. Just get a paper towel and soak the towel in Listerine. Put it directly on the tick and it will be gone in a few seconds.

Screen Cleaner

Alternative uses of listerine

Listerine is perfectly safe to use on your computer or TV screen, and it’s great for wiping away fingerprints and other grime.

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